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Posted by Dr. David Chalfant, DC on Oct 19, 2017 10:44:39 AM

Sifting through the unsubstantiated claims made by purveyors of some alternative treatments concerning ADD and ADHD can be difficult and leave many with a tendency to discount the possibleeffectiveness of potentially beneficial natural therapies. It is crucial to understand that, as with any treatment, all natural alternative treatments are not created equal. While there are those with unsubstantiated claims as to their effectiveness with ADD and ADHD, Neurofeedback therapy has been extensively studied and has scientific evidence to back up its use for both ADD and ADHD as well as other concerns.

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The Top Reasons To Get A Brain Map

Posted by Dr. David Chalfant, DC on Oct 15, 2017 10:56:03 AM

Brain maps are crucial to setting the baseline for your child's ADD or ADHD. By completing a brain map we can hone in on your child's brain waves and discover what may be influencing your child's brain disorder. Brain maps are a 15-20 minute, non invasive, computerized analysis of brain function. There is a direct correlation with the electrical activity of the brain and the function of the brain. These multi-color maps show if any parts of the brain are outside the normal range.

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Choosing ADHD and ADD Treatments: Lookouts

Posted by Dr. David Chalfant, DC on Oct 12, 2017 11:57:08 AM

With so many options in this day and age it can be difficult to find a beneficial and natural ADD/ADHD treatment for your child. Medications, therapies, treatments, they are all over! In reality there is not a "worst alternative medical treatment" for ADD or ADHD. Naturally some treatments may be less effective than others, or what treatments work at first may ware off. The same theory applies to alternative treatments. To be blunt, no treatment is perfect, each and every case is different in some way. Therefore, to find what does work you should find a provider that will work best for your child to develop specific to there circumstance.

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Topics: ADHD/ADD Treatment

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