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The Top Reasons To Get A Brain Map

Posted by Dr. David Chalfant, DC on Oct 15, 2017 10:56:03 AM

AdobeStock_58439855.jpegBrain maps are crucial to setting the baseline for your child's ADD or ADHD. By completing a brain map we can hone in on your child's brain waves and discover what may be influencing your child's brain disorder. Brain maps are a 15-20 minute, non invasive, computerized analysis of brain function. There is a direct correlation with the electrical activity of the brain and the function of the brain. These multi-color maps show if any parts of the brain are outside the normal range.

Below I am going to list several reasons to get a brain map:

1. Head Trauma. If your child is involved in contact sports. It is crucial to make sure the electrical activity of the brain is intact. Head trauma is associated with a long term loss of brain activity.

2. There are difficulties with focus and attention. Brain mapping has a long history of helping to recognize the symptoms of attention deficit.

3. There is poor emotional control. People with anger issues and short fuse often we see having high alpha waves (8-12 hertz) in the brain.

4. There is feeling of fogginess. This also includes having problem with zoning out. Brain fog can happen in children and adults.

5. Poor Sleep. Sleep is crucial to recharging and taking the events of the day for processing. Without proper sleep, our brain does not have a chance to rest and get prepared for the next day.


6. Depression. All of us go through down times in our life. When the down times are chronic, lasting weeks, it is important to seek counseling and to get the brain map to help find the neurological reason behind the feelings. Often, we find low alpha waves in these cases.

7. Anxiety. Similar to depression, a small amount of anxiety can be normal. It is when the anxiety become chronic or severe that brain mapping can help determine the cause.

8. Memory issues. Memory is one of our greatest assets. Therefore, we need to take care of our memory. Memory issues can come from many different sources. It is important to find out the neurological reason for the symptoms.

9. Burn out. Many people can feel cloudy, have less energy and not as motivated as they were before. Brain maps will determine what we can do to recharge the brain.

10. Brain maps will help discover where in the brain your child needs replenishing and will give us a chance to reduce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Schedule A Brain Map Today

Brain maps can help find the cause of these symptoms. If your child is dealing with any of these symptoms, the best place to start is getting a brain map. Call my office today to schedule your child for a brain map. (260) 482-2206

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